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  2. hurricane hangout

    Hannah: I hate when people say that gay people can't raise good kids, and i'm like 'oh every straight couple in the world is raised like a fucking medal of honour person'.

    Mamrie: Give it a re-draft before you make it a foundation, "like every straight couple is given a fucking medal of honour"

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Depression Blog


    Depression Blog

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TRXYE - Happy Little Pill↳ Chorus


    TRXYE - Happy Little Pill
    ↳ Chorus

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  7. photo




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  8. There are five sides to Tumblr

    Side one: Pictures of Starbucks and girls who have dip-dyed hair

    Side two: People crying over fictional gay couples

    Side three: genuinely fucked up people looking for support and a place they don't have to hide. An escape.

    Side four: porn.


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  9. Anonymous said: i want plush kissable lips like troye's so I've been applying lip balm like never before since he said he does something like that, i forgot. but ill let u know when i get troye lips. LIKE DAMN THOUGH MAKE A APPRECIATION POST FOR THOSE KISSABLE CUTIES


    this is wonderful also I kNOW RIGHT ARENT THEY GR8 IM

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